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The Team

Director : Bhojraj Bhat
Concept Story: Bimal Singh Bist
Music : Kutumba
Camera : Prakash KC, Manoj Maharjan, Jeewan Shrestha
Editor : Bharat Mani Regmi
Script: Bhojraj Bhat
Script translator: Bishnumani Bhattarai
Narration: Shibani Pandey (Official Promo)
Produced by: Good Neighbors Nepal
Official blog partner:

About Director

Bhojraj BhatBhojrat Bhat is journalist based in Kathmandu and specializes in conflict mitigation, security and the Maoist insurgency. SUNAKALI is his debut film. He has partnered with several national and international organizations to prepare documentary films and news features. He teamed up with Babel Press to produce a documentary movie on ‘bikini killer’ Charles Shobraj. He also joined hands with France 24 International News Channel to produce documentary film titled ‘Nepal: the last Maoists’. He worked for the news documentary 'The convicts of the World Cup' broadcast on France 2-Envoyé special and contributed to the report Worked to death in Qatar for the 2022 World Cup that was broadcast on France 24. Recently, his joint venture report: India - Nepal: a kidney at all costs (27 minutes), broadcasted in ARTE TV (FRANCE).

The Producer

Since 2002, Good Neighbors Nepal has been working for the betterment of the marginalized children in Karnali (Mugu and Humla). The children in this region still striving for the school education. As we have mentioned in the objective of this documentary, we are requesting to all our well wishers and friends for the betterment of those girls. Believing on opportunity creates the motivation and involvement of the locals; they need the motivation to level up in educational level. The concept story of this documentary was developed by Bimal S Bist. For your kind information we have also developed a concept of 'Sunakali Project' in order to specify the intervention.

Purpose of Making Sunakali Documentary

  • to eliminate early marriage
  • to increase school enrollment (decrease the school dropout ratio of girls)
  • to eliminate gender inequality
  • to ensure continuous education despite of faraway school

Implementation plan for Project

  • Legalizing the "Sunakali Project" as a project
  • Formation of a Sunakali project management committee where the charity host country representative become the advisors
  • Operating Bank account for financial procedure
  • Submitting the Sunakali project proposal for charity show in line with the need assessment of the respective school and community.

Estimated budget

For the construction of a residential school in Mugu/Humla: around US$250,000

How a Football can change the society?

Historically, and even after the democracy or republican, Mugu is known as remote, uneducated, low life expectancy and seasonal migrants for cheap labors and existing of food crisis district of Nepal.

National media also highlighted about the winning of Sunakali team and we also thought of this is the right time to overcome on gender inequality, and right to education. As a result, we decided to request to the community to honor the girls on their national pride through the following determinants:

  1. First time wearing half pant
    Wearing of half-pants by female was not their culture; and this is the first time the parents allowed their girls to encounter with cultural boundaries; its #‎SUNAKALI‬‬‬‬ !
  2. Which one do you choose to be engaged among these: going to school, working in the farmland, carrying foods on back from a couple of day walking, gazing sheep in the jungle, and taking care of siblings? BUT there is no choice for the Himalayan Girls, rather these are the parts of their lives!
  3. Stadium, Germany fitness for war, Greek the collection of memories, Olympic the flame burning in the bowl and, ..imagine a 'Proper Ground' which is located over 3500 meter in Karnali Himalaya!
  4. "Parent’s don’t let us play. But we used to take a football with us when going to the forest to collect fodder. We played football in the snow-covered field. After playing football, we used to eat salt and black pepper with snow."
  5. In 2013, Recruitment for girls, The football team from Mugu was initiated. The campaign for team Team Mugu begins at from a school in at Tharpa Village
  6. Team #Sunakali(Mugu) heading towards Humla to play show match Football game, the journey takes 2 days.
  7. Road to Humla is difficult, we’ve bags on your back,
    Who is going to understand our pains and woes!
  8. #Sunakali: "We saw many colorful flowers on the way to Humla. We saw lots of red rhododendrons. It was a new experience for us."
  9. The next morning, the villagers gathered at the grounds. The match is about to begin, but the locals were still leveling the field. This is called 'HIMALAYAN FOOTBALL' ! No ground but still these people have patience for Football.!
  10. Early marriage is not their [girls] fault but a cultural reproduction to see their generations before early die! Sunakali, is for the victorious battle voice against early die!
  11. #Sunakali is a girl from Mugu, a harsh district in the least developed region of Nepal, and she loves football. Together with her friends they form Team Mugu, which goes on to win a tournament at the national level.
  12. First time riding horse:
    Riding horse by females is considered as course on family and properties. A rich can ride and a brave person can ride horse. However, horse is used for the transportation purpose in some extent in this area. The players also felt shy and fear of riding but they did in smooth way.
  13. Locals had arranged horses to make victory parade the girls to Gamgadhi – the district headquarters. All the girls were riding horse for the first time. This became possible because of the victory in the Football.
  14. ‪#‎Messi‬ and ‪#‎Ronaldo‬ seem to be breaking records every other week. The 'Himalayan Messi' ‪#‎Sunakali‬ also make own history of ‪#‎MUGU‬, one of the most remote and impoverished districts in Nepal.
  15. Team Sunakali experienced hero’s reception in Gamgadhi. Looking at their reception, it seems that that the girls had won the World Cup
  16. First time honor:
    Girls were welcomed in the Rara Airport by playing traditional instruments and folk songs. It was like a new vivid sun rising from Mugu. Mass followed and gather each and every steps of Sunakali Team. They were also treated by the Nepal Army at Mugu with congratulations
  17. First time shaking hand with Mugu Army Incharge
    Shaking hand with Army is out of imagination; Army camp also treated them with welcome tea and congratulated by the Mugu Army Incharge which was an extraordinary inspiration upon holding the trophy around Rara lake (biggest lake in Nepal)
  18. Can football change the society? Of course it can. These girls of Mugu are the living example. These girls, who used to play football in this ground eating just breads and snow, have made the district proud by bringing the national shield.
  19. This is the proof of how a girls football contributing in changing the community to ensure right to education, equality, eliminating early marriage and continue in school education.
  20. First time parents voiced against the early marriage
    Early marriage is not their [girls] fault but a cultural reproduction to see their generations before early die! Sunakali, is for the victorious battle voice against early die!#‎Sunakali‬‬‬‬

News & Events

घुम्ती फिल्म फेस्टिभल

भूकम्प प्रभावित थलोहरूमा पुगेर प्रभावितकै माझ फिचर तथा डकुमेन्ट्री फिल्महरू नि:शुल्क प्रदर्शन गर्ने फेस्टिभल सञ्चारकर्मी भोजराज भाटको डकुमेन्ट्री ‘सुनाकली’ बाट बिहीबार सुरु हुनेछ। साँझ ५ बजेपछि खुल्ला स्थानमा पर्दा टाँगेर देखाइने फेस्टिभल टोली त्यसपछि शनिबार काभ्रेको बालुवापाटी पुग्ने छ।

Fundraising for Nepal: Documentary chronicles triumphs of women's soccer team

"Sunakali is about overcoming obstacles despite unfortunate circumstances; in that way it has universal appeal," noted Lawoti. "The girls' soccer team advances beyond what anyone could've have imagined." ‪#‎SUNAKALI‬, ‪#‎TNFF‬

Fundraiser for Earthquake Relief

A Fundraiser for Earthquake Relief, Screening of ‪#‎Sunakali‬ Conversation with writer Manjushree Thapa & Prof. Katherine Rankin Thursday May 14, 2015 at 6:30 pm, Innis Town Hall 2 Sussex Ave.

Watching Films to Support Nepal’s Quake Victims

Himalayan Film Festival in San Francisco starts tonight 5/1and runs all day tomorrow 5/2.

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